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Affordable and Efficient Renewable Energy Solutions

Generate and store your own power. Start saving today using clean, eco-friendly energy.

Lane H, CO

“The install of our NEMA 14-50 industrial plug for EV charging in the garage went great. Even with the state of the supply chains right now, their prices were highly competitive. Everyone in the process from quoting to installation was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. I highly recommend this team for any project you might have."

Mike O'Brien, CO

Ronald Rooney, CO

Justin is a pleasure to work with, he is always very responsive, professional, and does great work.

Ben M, CO

Justin was great when he showed up showed me what I did wrong, he even was able to look at some other projects that needed to be done and have me a great and reasonable price. Best of all, he gave me an estimated quote before showing up. Would definitely recommend and use again.

Carmen R, CO

Justin from Lotus Electric did an excellent job. We had a Main Breaker tripping, which was causing major problems, no AC, no fridge, no stove, no garage door opener, etc..... He was timely efficient and explained what was finding and why. Replaced the Main braker after found it to be faulty. The price was more than fair and I WILL DEFINITELY HAVE THEM BACK.

Adam T, CO

Justin is a pleasure to work with and does great work.

Our Services

We make going solar easy, so you’ll get a better energy service at a better price. We are also a full service residential and commercial electrical contractor.


Navigating the transition to solar power can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of providers to choose from and just as many products and services to compare. Still, it’s important to take time getting to know each aspect of the investment you’re making. To make the process easier, we at the Lotus Electric Team are here to help. 

We also offer residential electrical services and much more. See our services page.


Commercial solar panels are a great way for businesses to reduce, or even completely eliminate, their electric bill while utilizing clean energy. With commercial solar installation, renewable energy through solar power can take electric costs virtually out of the question which is great for minimizing overhead to improve cashflow.

We also offer commercial electrical services and much more. See our services page.

Maintenance & Support

We’re a team of highly dedicated solar specialists whose main focus is helping homeowner’s who’ve gone solar make sure they get the most out of their solar decision. We applaud those homeowner’s who’ve made the switch and we are dedicated to making sure your system works to capacity and meets your expectations for decades to come.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, warranty company or an installation contractor, we’ve got you covered.

Why Should You Switch? GREEN. CLEAN. SMART.

Roof mount solar

Sustainable & Renewable Energy

According to the World Coal Association, over 41 percent of coal is being used to produce electricity, making coal one of the most commonly used resources to generate electricity. The Earth is reliant on fossil fuels since it is one of the most common energy sources. But it is also one of the reasons why we are experiencing severe global warming and greenhouse effects.

There is a specific need for us to use an alternative energy source to generate electricity, and using solar energy can go way beyond reducing carbon emissions.


Solar energy is naturally more sustainable than fossil fuel energy sources and is more environmentally sustainable. It converts the sun’s energy into electrical energy and makes use of the greatest, most sustainable resource on the planet, sunlight.

Safe & Reliable.
Take Control of Your Power Production

Solar electric systems are safe, quiet and relatively maintenance-free. In fact, every Lotus Electric installed system comes with comprehensive equipment and installation warranties, giving you peace of mind and ensuring long term performance and savings.

Many people are seeking to limit the use of fossil fuels. Policymakers are encouraging people to use solar energy by offering subsidies and giving mandates for solar-generated electricity. 



Solar panels are reliable because they are long-lasting. Once you invest in a solar panel, the panel will serve you for many years to come. Only less than 5% of solar panels are likely to experience failure per year during their lifetime. The durability of your solar panel will depend on various factors, including where you live and the type of solar panel you install.  Solar panels are more prone to failure in very hot and humid areas. Solar panels in more temperate dry areas are likely to last longer.

Sunset on Solar Panels

Great Savings & Return on Investment

Solar energy is the new thing in conscious energy these days, and with so many trendy investment opportunities, it’s hard to know if investing in something is really going to “save you tons of money.” So, do solar panels save money? Is solar worth it? How much do solar panels for the home cost?

Saving money by reducing your electricity bill by cutting down the amount of energy you use is no fluke. Solar panels give you the ability to save money by creating a natural source of energy that has the ability to power your home.

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