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EV Charging Solutions

Driving an EV is only practical if you have convenient charging options to pick from, and what’s more convenient than charging your vehicle at home? 


EV Receptacles 

What is an EV charging receptacle?

A charging receptacle is the connector that you insert into the charging socket of an electric vehicle. Just like how the plugs of appliances differ depending on the country you're in, EV charging receptacles and sockets also vary depending on the vehicle brand, charging level, and country they are manufactured in.

EV Chargers

Both electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles require an EV charger to keep the battery full, just like any chargeable device or electronic. At its most basic, an EV charger pulls an electrical current from either a 240v outlet or the grid it’s hardwired to and delivers that electricity to the vehicle, just like any other appliance or device you charge by plugging into the wall.

Brands We Work With

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