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SunPower’s newest and most powerful solar panels come from their M-Series product line. M-Series panels are AC solar panels with built-in microinverters and are designed to work with the SunPower Equinox system.  The SunPower M-Series modules use Maxeon’s newest solar cell, the Maxeon Gen 6. The Gen 6 cell is even bigger than the cells used in the company’s record-breaking A Series panels, allowing the M-Series to become the most efficient and powerful residential solar panel available on the market.  These panels are best suited for homes with limited roofing space for solar installations. Because the M-Series panels are incredibly high-powered, offering between 420 and 440 Watts, you can install fewer panels and still produce a lot of electricity. Each residential SunPower M Series PV module designed by SunPower features a built-in Type H IQ7HS factory-integrated microinverter, designed by Enphase at the DC output. This technology converts DC-generated power by Maxeon Gen 6 solar cells into AC power, optimizing energy levels and improving performance by up to 25%. Maxeon Gen 6 solar cells used for the M Series are designed to last longer and perform better, delivering more power during their lifetime. Featuring a 5% larger size than previous Maxeon solar cells and an improved technology, they have a leading efficiency of up to 22.8% and excellent performance in low-light environments. These cells are built with a solid copper foundation, allowing them to resist breakage and corrosion.

The U-Series is SunPower’s budget-friendly option. The lower price is in part because the U-Series does not use Maxeon solar technology. These are split cell panels rated at 380W to 420W featuring Mono PERC cells. While they are made by a large reputable manufacturer, they do not have the same efficiency or lifespan as the high-performance Maxeon series panels. 

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